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Boxwood ball diam.50

Chamaerops humilis H180

Kentia Palm H180

Bamboo H220

Areca Palm H200/250

Trachycarpus (Palm from China) H150/200/250 / 350

Laurel ball H170 / H200

Pyramid laurel H180

Olivier H220

Green wall

Wicker basket diam.40/50/60

Charcoal grey planter diam.40/50/60/80

White planter diam.40/50/80

Ecopots diam. 40/50 Dark grey

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Plant Rental Services

Mifleurs creates unique, ephemeral floral and plant atmospheres for events such as corporate parties, exhibitions, festivals, pubs, receptions and weddings.
In season, we also create urban beaches and Christmas decorations.

Our expertise

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For your events, we are committed to offering you a sense of service and quality plants.

We are recognized by many of our partners in the events industry as a reliable company with a solid reputation.



Beaches and terraces

Every year, we set up temporary terraces or beaches during the summer. We can also carry out a variety of customized plant projects accompanied by original floral decorations.



Displays, facades, decorated or undecorated Christmas trees, Mifleurs is on hand throughout the winter to brighten up your festive season.

Mifleurs, the plant rental specialist.


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