Mi-Fleurs – Hire, sale and care of plants – Floral and plant displays for events

Long-term hire

The impact that plants have on well-being at work is well established. They are decorative, calming, reviving and cleansing.

In a well-designed arrangement, they improve your work setting and corporate image considerably.

But you don’t always have time to look after them yourselves. We can do it for you on the basis of several different options :

Monthly hire of plants with care and maintenance once or twice a month
Purchase of plants with care and maintenance once or twice a month.

The 2 Omnium options consist of :

  • Free replacement of withering plants
  • Feeding
  • Preventive measures against parasites and diseases
  • Cleaning and dusting of plants
  • Trimming and clipping

Contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our specialists. No obligation - free quote.


The orchid is a great classic for very stylish ornamentation. It decorates your reception desks, meeting rooms, offices, etc. with beautiful flowers that last.
You can choose from :

  • Different sizes of arrangements (with one or more plants, from 30 to 80 cm tall)
  • A wide range of containers (colour, material, size and shape),
  • Monthly or fortnightly delivery.